Fozia Umar has been with us since 2003. She holds an L.L.B and L.L.M Degree from S.M. Law College, Karachi and is an Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan.

Fozia’s principal areas of experience are litigation, Incorporation of Companies, Firms, Associations, Trade Unions, Societies, Trust and Convincing. She is an expert in Drafting of Legal opinions. Contracts, Agreements, Filing and Prosecution of all types of Civil matters i.e., Property, Rent, Family, Labour, Industrial Disputes, Banking, Corporate Cases, Securitization of Finances, Contracts. Drafting, Execution and Registration of Sale, Conveyance, Gift, Redemption Deeds, drafting, filing and prosecution of Recovery Claims, Interlocutory Actions during Litigation. She is also expert in Trade Mark and Copyright Law, Companies Law, Commercial Law, Expert on Information Technology Law, Electronic Data Interchange, Energy, and International Joint Venture Agreements. She is an expert in Client Dealing and research on various legal areas, Legal due diligence, Creation and Redemption of Securities, Recoveries, Claims, Compensation, Interlocutory actions, Commercial Agreements, Executions, Sale Deeds, Gift, Rent Cases, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Documentations, Succession Cases, and Labour Cases and also highly experienced in Transfer of Shares, Transfer of properties and matter dealing with the Stock Exchange. She has conducted various legal audits for large Banks and provided in-depth and extensive advice regarding their non-performing portfolios. She has extensive experience of working and liaising with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan on matters ranging from company incorporations to public issue of Term Financial Certificates and public listing.

Legal expertise with respect to regulatory compliances and issues of companies, associations, societies, not for profit entities etc. raised by various regulatory authorities including but not limited to the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Intellectual Property Rights Office, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Home Department, Federal Board of Revenue etc.

She has vast experience in formulation and filing of documentation with respect to the regulatory compliances of companies, companies, associations, societies, not for profit entities etc. both local as well as international. Expertise in appearances before the respective regulatory authorities in regards show cause notices issued by the respective regulatory authority with respect penalties, imposition of fines etc. for non-compliance of the requirements of the respective regulatory authority.

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