Our firm can provide Legal advice, on a pure point of law or the legal aspects of a commercial problem and the same is provided either by a formal written opinion, in conference, or by phone, fax or email. In addition, we assist in drafting a wide range of statutory instruments, legislative drafting, commercial agreements, restructuring proposals, and have been extensively involved in the drafting of the rehabilitation plans, debt restructurings and revivals of privatized and insolvent Industrial units in Pakistan. More recently, Barrister Zahid Jamil has been one of the core drafters responsible for the recent Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002 of the Information Technology Law Forum, Ministry of Science & Technology.

We act for banks and other financial institutions, international businesses, major public and private companies, government departments and sovereign states. We are one of the few law practices whonot only consult, draft pre-litigation, legal documents and give advice but also litigate throughout all the courts of Pakistan. This allows us to advise our clients with foresight and experience of what litigation in Pakistan actually involves. In short, we offer our clients the best legal, practical and policy advice.

We have specialized knowledge and experience of Islamic Law and have provided legal and policy advice to both Pakistani and International Organizations, and Banks in this area with particular appreciation of the nexus between the law and Islamic principles of Economic and Social Development.

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