Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2002

Karachi, dated the August 19, 2002.


NO.SO (ACD-II)9-6/2002: In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 15 of the Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulation and Control) Ordinance, 2001, the Government of Sindh are pleased to make the following rules namely:-

1. (1) These rules may be called the Sindh Private Educational Short title and
Institutions (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2002, commencement.

(2) They shall come into force at once.

2. In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the
subject or context Definitions

1. “form” means a form appended to these rules;

2. “Ordinance” means the Sindh Private Educational
Institutions (Regulation and Control) Ordinance,

3. “Schedule” means the Schedule appended to these rules;

4. “section” means section of the Ordinance.

3. (1) An application under sub-section (1) of section 4 Application for
shall be made in form’ ‘A’ duly accompanied by registration of
documents mentioned therein and the fee mentioned institution.
in the Schedule.

(2) Application Form alongwith the Ordinance and
rules, shall be obtainable from the Registering
Authority on payment of fee fixed by Government.

(3) No registration fees shall be charged from the
institutions located in rural or urban slum areas being
run on non profit basis,

(4) The fees shall not be refundable.

4. The certificate of registration shall be issued for a period Renewal of the
of five years which may be renewal on payment of fees as certificate of
may be determined by the Registering Authority with the registration.
approval of Government.

5. (1) The Registering Authority shall for the purpose of Constitution of
section 4 constitute an Inspection Committee having Inspection
at least three members each from the Education Committee
Department, general public and Association
of Private Schools, if any.

(2) One of the members shall be nominated as Chairman of the Committee.

(3) The Committee shall amongst other enquire into the following matters:

(i) suitability of the location of the institution;

(ii) suitability of premises, accommodation, furniture and equipment;

(iii) suitability and adequacy of the technical staff;

(iv) details of arrangements for the compulsory
physical training;

(v) adoption of courses of study prescribed or approved by the competent authority;

(vi) standard of education in the institution;

(vii) standard of discipline in the institution;
(viii) suitability of tuition fees and subscriptions charged
from the students.

(4) The Committee may make any other recommendation which it considers

6. (1) If after consideration of the report of the Committee under Registration
section 4, application is granted a certificate of registration shall be
issued to the applicant for a period of five years in form “B”.

(2) . A certificate of registration may be renewed for an other term on
payment of the fees if the Registering Authority is satisfied with
the working and curricular activities of the institution.

(3) A register of certificates of registration shall be mentioned in form “C’.
7. The Institution shall furnish to the Registering Authority Annual Report
each year audit report and a report on the working curricular and co-curricular
activities of the institution.

8. (1) The Registering Authority on receipt of a Complaint
or information regarding a dispute arising between an
institution and the parents or guardian of a student of
the institution or between an institution and its teachers
or other staff members shall constitute an enquiry committee
comprising of such number of members from Civil Society
and Officers of Education Department as the Authority deems fit.

(2) The Committee shall enquire into the dispute and submit
its finding alongwith its recommendations to the Registering
Authority within thirty days from the date of order issued to it.

(3) The Registering Authority on the receipt of the report
shall pass such orders as deemed fit and convey such orders
to the persons concerned.

9. The pay scales of the Teaching staff and non-teaching staff, Service
allowances, leave facilities and other benefits shall be at least conditions.
commensurate with the pay and allowances admissible to
such staff in a Government Institution and the deviation,
if any, shall be subject to approval of the Registering Authority.

10. An institution shall allow concessions to deserving Fee concession
students and award scholarships to the students having and scholarships.
meritorious record; provided that at least 10% of the
total strength of students in the institution is granted full

11. If any person is aggrieved by any order or decision of the Appeal
Registering Authority an appeal against such order or
Decision may be filed in accordance with section-9.


Karachi, dated: the 19 August, 2002.

No. SO (ACD-II)/9-6/2002

To be printed on the letter head of the Institution.


1. Name of the Educational Institution———————————————————–

2. Location of the Institution——————————————————————-

3. Telephone No. ————————————————————————————–

4. Fax————————————————————————————————

5. E-mail————————————————————————————————

6. Postal Address. ————————————————————————————

7. Details of Registration (applicable for Renewal of Registration)
(a) Designation of Registering Authority———————————————————–
(b) Date of issue of Registration Certificate——————————————————–
(c) Period for which the Registration was issued————————————————

8. Date of establishment of the Institution. ————————————————

9. Category of the Institution (Mention levels/classes, use separate sheet if necessary)

10. Name of the Body (With brief history)

11 (a). The Name, Address and Registration Number of the Body Managing the Institution (Enclose Name, Addresses of the Members of the Managing Committee together with copy of Cert of Registration, the byelaws, Trust Deed etc. of the body.)

(b). Whether Commercial/Non Commercial

12. Name, address and Educational Qualification of the Members of the Managing Body with Administrator alongwith details of profession/business since last 10 years.

13. Number of Classes, Sections.—————————————————-
(Attach separate sheet)

14. Enrolment Class/Section-wise.—————————————————
(Attach separate sheet)

15. Timings of the School:_______________________________________________

16. Class-wise and Teacher-wise Time Table (Enclose copies)—————————-

17. Names, Qualifications, Designation, Pay and Allowances of the teaching and other staff.

(i) The Managing Staff (Attach Information Sheet)

(ii) The Teaching Staff (A Information Sheet)

(iii) The Supporting Staff (Attach Information Sheet)
(Along with a copy of appointment letter and Service rules/Agreements concluded,).

18. Names of Teachers who are working in oilier Institutions simultaneously. Attach Separate Sheet)

19. Number of Teachers employed on Part Time hourly Basis.
(Attach Separate Sheet)

20. Schedule of Tuition Fees/Admission Fees charged from the students class/Section-wise.

21. Schedule of other Fees/Funds/Deposits charged under different head during the last and the current financial year.

22. Income and expenditure Statement of the Last Financial Tear duly audited by the Chartered Accountants (enclose copy)

23(a). Detail of all (Assets, plot, furniture, labs, libraries etc.)
(b). Details & liabilities if any.

24. Details of the building of the Institution with a sketch map: (Enclose copy)

25. If the building is Owned the property documents and other details of the
Ownership: (Enclose copy)

26. If the building is rented, the copy of the rent agreement and the documentary evidence of the Landlord-ship/ownership of the owner entering into Rent Agreement with the Institution. (enclose copy).

27. State if the building or a part/portion of it is used for other purposes as well during/after the working hours of the institution. If so, submit details along with documentary evidences:

28. Any other information about the Institution that the applicant desires to submit.


We, the undersigned declare that the information provided/enclosed in respect of the above named educational institution is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Secretary of the Administrator/Owner
Managing Body of the Institution

(See rule )


It is hereby certified that___________________________________________
School/College/Institute, Located at_______________________________
and managed by __________ ____________________
has been registered under the Sindh Private Educational institutions (Regulation and
Control) Ordinance, 2001, on the following terms and conditions;

1. The institution shall run in accordance with the Sindh Private Educational institutions (Regulation and Control) Ordinance, 2001 and rules their under,

2. The management of every registered institution shall be responsible to provide:

(a) proper teaching facilities to all students of the institutions;

(b) professionally trained and qualified teachers for all the compulsory and optional subjects being taught in the in institution,

(c) maximum participation of the students in various co-curricular activities organized at school, district, provincial and National Level.

(d) all basic amenities to all the students and staff members of the institution without any discrimination whatsoever,

3. The charges/Funds collected by an Institution other than the fee shall he approved by the Registering authority, at the time of registration.

4. The charges/Funds structure so approved shall retain its proportional value with the fee Structure char by the institution in the current and preceding Academic Sessions.
(see rule 6)









Name of the Institution granted certificate of registration

Category of the institution

Location and postal address with telephone no. of the institution

Details of the owner and management of the institution