Pledge at Convention of Political Leaders

WE, THE POLITICAL LEADERS OF PAKISTAN, being the participants at the
Convention of Political Leaders held in Islamabad on 19 September 2002 –

RECOGNISING the damage that is being done by corruption at all levels of our society,
and particularly to the most poor among us;
ACKNOWLEDGING that for years corruption has been impacting, and is continuing to
impact, negatively on economic growth, retarding economic and social development at
all levels of our society;
ACUTELY AWARE of the deepening poverty of many of our people and of the utmost
urgency of the task of countering corruption both effectively and sustainably;
AND RECOGNISING that continuing international support for our country is largely
dependent on the prompt and effective National Anti-corruption Strategy –
1 As political leaders, we are deeply conscious of our duty to the people of Pakistan
to combat the scourge of corruption that is a serious problem in many countries,
and regretfully a very serious problem in our own beloved country.
2 Those of us who emerge as the elected leaders of our beloved country will as a
matter of the highest urgency come together to adopt and implement an effective
anti-corruption reform program which will strengthen accountability and
transparency based on ensured access to information throughout all levels of
federal and provincial government.
3 Those of us who are elected and form the opposition will likewise play a full part
in holding the government to account and to cooperate in non-partisan ways with
the adoption and implementation of effective anti-corruption strategies.
4 After the elections, and when the new government is sworn in, we will work
together in a united front to evolve an effective system of accountability (
including an independent and effective judicial system) to eliminate an evil that is
undermining the future of our country and which is one that transcends the
divides of political parties and persuasions.
5 On a personal level, each of us gives our individual pledge that we are dedicated
to serving the people of our country with the highest levels of personal integrity.
AWARE that the corruption crisis must be tackled openly by all, we invite every fellow
citizen, to unite with us in a determination to rid our country of the corruption that has so
retarded our country’s economic and social progress at home and marred our
international image abroad.
SIGNED by the following, the participants:
Millat Party
Signed by the Following Witnesses.
President of Pakistan
Syed Adil Gilani, TI-Pakistan
Shaukat Omari, TI-Pakistan
Jeremy Pope Transparency International
Shazadi Beg, TI
Lt. Gen. Munir Haifz,
And Over 80 Witnesses, comprising of 10 Federal Ministers, Federal Secretaries, Donor
Agencies, NGOs, Journalist and Civic Society.
September 19, 2002